Mission and Vision

We started with a vision to help Canadian indoor and outdoor Designers create a home your customers love. We bring love and beauty. Our expertise creating beautiful Pillows and Shams and much more decor items can help you show your expertise as a great designer, increase your customers. Whether you need new accent pillows for your dwelling or quality fabrics for your designing, we have pieces big and small in our inventory. 

What We Do

Queen of Covers is a soft furnishing manufacturer that is located in Mississauga. We take pride in choosing the highest quality fabrics as well as unique decor pieces to be a part of your home project. Our job is to give you as much support and assistance needed to help take the interiors of their work to the next level.

Queen of Covers offers a wide range of services to meet the specific needs of the clients. Our unique design of pillows can work wonders in attracting the right homebuyer and in increasing the value of the home. If you’re planning to provide a new look of your project, contact Queen of Covers to book your first consultation with our interior designer team.